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Mars Theatre Brewing

Mars Theatre brewing company offers an experience of hanging out in a classic 1940’s movie theatre while enjoying excellent craft beer, offering delicious edibles while enjoying a movie, local live musicianship, karaoke & TRIVIA!

Summer Hours

Brew House Tap Room

Thursday................4p-10p (Trivia)

Friday....................12p-10p (Open Mic)

Saturday...............12p-10p (Live Music)

Sunday...................12p-5p (1$ off MTBC draft beer)

Beer Menu

Enjoy our rotating craft beer menu...

(yellow is what's on tap this week)



Broad River Blonde (abv 4.5%) - Lightly hopped with Hallertauer Hops for a pleasant floral aroma with a low  ABV makes this a beer you can keep sipping on.


Eagle Rock Pale Ale (abv 4.5%) - Hopped with Cascade and East Kent Golding (EKG) Hops, makes it crisp and light.


Brew Island Wheat (abv 5%) - Our unfiltered light summer wheat beer, with Appalachian Wheat from River Bend, will have you back for more.


Scuba Juice Hazy (abv 6.5%) - Our popular Hazy IPA is made with Mosaic, Citrus, and Cascade Hops, and has notes of pine, pear, and mango.


Devil’s Head Red (abv 5.8%) - Our flagship beer hopped with EKG Hops, is a smooth Irish Red Ale with precise flavor true to tradition.


World’s Edge IPA (abv 5.8%) - Our West Coast American Style IPA, with Cascade and Citra Hops for a citrus fruit flavor, is a go-to for summer deck-sitting.


Brexit 1776 ESB (abv 5.8%) - English Extra Special Bitter is slightly stronger than Original Bitter, made with Morris Otter Grain, EKG Hops, to produce a nice refreshing beer.


River Otter English IPA (abv 6%) - An earthy IPA with an excellent malt presence, we add EKG and Magnum Hops to give this beer a unique English flavor.


Hickory Nut Brown (abv 5%) - Made with English Malt, our brown has a classic nutty flavor ending with sweetness.


Up Your Kilt Scottish Ale (abv 6%) - A classic Scottish 90 Shilling Ale, light with a smooth finish, this malt forward profile makes it delightful to drink.


Mountain Pride Original Bitter (abv 5.6%) - English Style Grain and East Kent Holdings Hops with Nottingham yeast help this finish nice and dry with a copper color and high aroma.


Crown Golden Ale (abv 4.7%) - Traditional English Golden Ale made with a touch of Honey Malt and Pearle Hops.


Flanders Field Belgium Dubbel (abv 5.6%) - A classic Belgium Brown, using Abbey Ale yeast with Black and Heritage Crystal Malts.


BluMonkey Coffee Stout (abv 5.6%) - Brewed with cold brew coffee grounds from small-town coffee roasters in Rutherfordton, NC, this chocolate coffee stout will wake you up.


First Degree Coconut Porter (abv 5%) - It rests on toasted coconut to give this porter a standout flavor that is smooth, delicious, and refreshing.


Archangel Stout (abv 7.2%) - A full-bodied Imperial Stout with English Hops has notes of coffee and chocolate. *Look out for our seasonal rotating flavors including raspberry & almond, and mint.


Seasonal Beers



Hopping Into Spring Pale Ale (abv 4.5%) - A light English Hops makes this Pale Ale easy to drink with notes of lemon and basil.


Barking Yourself Mild (abv 4.5%) - A traditional, age-old drink of Northern England, a mild session beer with maltiness that is dark in color but light in body.



Red Wit & Blueberry (abv 5.5%) - Belgium Wit beer with Red Wheat Flakes and subtle blueberry tones to create a unique and refreshing beer.


Jolly Judge IPA (abv 5.8%) - Jolly Judge is a malt-forward English IPA with a twist; it is hopped with German, American, and English Hops!



Swazy Hazy IPA (abv 5.6%) - Brewed for the “Dirty Dancing” fest, this Hazy IPA is made with Sorachi and Equinox Hops, with hints of lemon and lime, making this a refreshing choice. 


Forklifting Bear Double IPA (abv 7.2%) - A classic style Double IPA brewed with Cascade, Citra, and Mosaic Hops, which add lots of flavors, great balance, and a pleasant nose and palate.


Chimney Rock-Octoberfest (abv 5.6%) - A classic German Larsen style pilsner with Munich and Vienna Malts. 


Hickory Witch Pumpkin Ale (abv 5.6%) - English Hops make this a smooth Ale with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin.



Kilt Warmer Scottish Ale (abv 6.5%) - A classic Scottish 90 Shilling Ale, light and malty with a smooth finish and flavors of cardamon, almond, and orange peel that is delightful to drink.


Merritime Barleywine (abv 10.5%) - Named to honor our founder, Merri, this barleywine is balanced with a smooth finish and a touch of sweetness. Though it doesn’t contain wine, it is high in alcohol, like wine, with hints of fruit.


Slay Ride Winter Ale (abv 9.5%) - A warming Ale made with English Malt and Hops favored with seasonal cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg spices.

Food Menu

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